In Theme Options: Layout, we briefly discussed Home Widget areas. This post shows you some layout examples by changing the widths of Home Widget areas.

Home Widget Area

The options to change the width of Home Widget area is located in Theme Options > Layout. As of v1.1.5, Voyage Theme supports 4 Home Widget areas. Additional widget areas will be added if there is a need. home-widget-options As Voyage Theme uses Grid System, the width of the widget area is measured in Columns not Pixels. The examples below are based on 12-Column Grid system.

Default Layout

When the Voyage Theme is installed for the first time, it uses 3 widget areas with 4 columns each. Layout1

Full Width Widget Area

In this example, the width of Widget Area 1, 2 and 3 are 12, 6 and 6. Layout2

A Complex Example

All 4 widget areas are used and their widths are 4, 8, 4 and 4. In order to setup the complex layout, some knowledge of Grid System is required. Layout3

Why Widget Area?

In early WordPress theme design, the widget areas are also called sidebars in blog layout. Now many themes use home widget areas and header widget areas. Voyage Theme adopted this concept and allows flexible layout using Grid System. The widget area is usually used for display Category, Tag, Recent Post listing, etc. The simple Text Widget allows the users to display any kind of contents not just text: images, video, Java Scripts and many more. There will be a tutorial on the usage of Text Widget Voyage Theme has two Widgets: Recent Post (Voyage) and Tabbed Navigation. Try it and let us your feedback.

9 comments on “Home Page Layout

  1. Hi Stephen,

    I am a newbie to website stuff. I have completed most of a Voyage website for my wife’s firm. It seems like every day I come up with one “aha” moment. But those moments are fewer and further in between. At this point I have three issues for which I have not found answers.

    The first involves the drop-down menu bar on the top of my pages. I am able to get the main menu items to drop down the way I want. My problem occurs when I touch one of the individual menu items, the button does not take me to the assigned static page where I want to go. I was thinking that I am not using correct linking syntax somewhere. But I don’t know for certain.

    The second item is the background picture I have is obscured to such an extent that I cannot see most of the top of the picture I loaded for this purpose. So, I am guessing I need to change some of the CSS language somewhere. In particular I want the large text area in the center of the screen to drop down to somewhere around the middle or slightly below the middle of the background picture.

    The last item is the menu item I have for a blog page. I was curious what sort of coding syntax I need to go directly to the blog page from the main menu.

    At this point, I cannot direct you to the site so you can see the issues. I have a temporary site running, and eagerly anticipate going live with this template, which was a lot easier than the first template I tried using.

    This is a project that is not available to the public, yet. With your assistance I hope to go live this weekend.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    • Please visit the support forum at Without your URL, it is difficult for any person.

  2. Hi Stephen,
    LOVE the theme.
    I have two questions:
    1. I have three areas under the sliders, etc. In the left one I’d like to put three columns of 9 blog posts set to one category (A). How do I do that?
    2. I can’t get rid of the second are, the “content” part. Since I’m putting the posts I want in the first area, I don’t need that content. I’d like to get rid of this and have just two areas: the “voyage recent posts” widget and a sidebar (widget) with a calendar, admin, etc. How can I delete it, or how can I at least get “in” to this area to set it to a certain category.

  3. Hi Stephen
    I really like your WordPress Voyage Theme. I have been searching for the perfect theme and I finally found it, However I am have a problem. I just update to the newer version, and now the left side bar widget is over too far on the right. I appreciate your help, and any other suggestion on making the theme looking better on my website.


    • You must selected 16-column layout. In your settings, it should be 12-column layout. Please post question in support forum. Otherwise, I may miss the comments.

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